Rosha Nutt is a painter, printmaker and ex-advertising art director based in London. Her work explores pop culture and consumerism, and its distinct graphic look often features an over-exaggerated dot taken from comic books, bright colours, neon and the repeated image.

Her interest in colour and background as an advertising art director informs her art. Having worked with some of the industries top talents - Rankin, Kate Moss, Sam McKnight - she is well-versed in modern aesthetics.

Rosha explores consumerism as a process of dealing with everyday emotions and relationships. Her work often juxtaposes the way we feel with how we present. It looks at how consumerism has become a way to make up for imperfections. Flowers are often used in a symbolic gesture.

On her work;

"I love pop art – especially the bold, graphic works of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Bridget Riley and Damien Hirst – and I also draw inspiration from the Constructivist and Bauhaus movements. My background in beauty advertising influences my work and I’ve been inspired by commercial artists, graphic designers and fashion photographers.

I try to combine this aesthetic with the more complex issues around consumerism and hope to connect with the viewer on a more deeper level.”

Rosha Nutt has exhibited regularly in since completing her BA Fine Art in 2000.  Her work is often commissioned and Rosha undertakes large scale works.